Who We Are.

We are a group of parents, alumni, and supporters of ECOT who engage the legislature, press and public on issues affecting our school. Our community is student, family and teacher focused and doesn't walk any political party lines.

Our Mission.

ECOT PALS mission is to build a vibrant community of supporters, advocates and outspoken evangelists for public school innovation and choice in the State of Ohio.


Some politicians, media, and think tanks have overly-politicized, twisted and attempted to define a statewide “charter school debate” on their own terms. They leverage generalizations, misrepresentations and flat out lies about our school while purposefully dismissing the voices of us... actual ECOT families, students, grads and teachers. They drive an "us vs. them" narrative to sway public opinion and legislation while we speak from a position of "public school choice." Sadly, their goal is to defund public school choice and route educational tax-funding exclusively to the decades-old traditional education system and not where individual student's needs are best served.

What We Believe.

  • We believe that "the way we've always done it” is not good enough for all anymore.
  • We believe in public school innovation and choice for Ohio's kids and families.
  • We believe that ECOT is leading the way towards the future of primary public education.
  • We believe that ECOT is a critically valuable resource to the residents of Ohio.

We Are Growing.

ECOT PALS Kicked off January 2016.
Today = 2500+ Total Community Members

We Have a Voice.

  • We’re sharing unfiltered and unsponsored ECOT Family Stories through our blog and social channels
  • We’re sharing unfiltered and unsponsored ECOT Teacher Stories through our blog and social channels
  • We’re sharing unfiltered and unsponsored OP-ED For Public School Innovation & Choice opinion through our blog and social channels
  • We’re speaking to the people, the thought leaders, the media and the legislature

We Won't Be Bullied.

We are direct response towards slanderous media aimed at ECOT parents, students, teachers and our school via blog and social media comments, letters to the editors, etc. 

Each day, battles rage on over the necessity and effectiveness of charter schools in our state and all across the country. These battles are primarily centered around money and politics.... are fueled by misinformation.... and fought in the media, behind the doors of legislature and even between uninformed citizen neighbors. Sadly, the voices of the actual students, parents and teachers are not always equally represented in these debates.

ECOT PALS exists to bring some humanity to the discussion.

Will you please consider joining us? 

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Ohio Teachers, Students and Their Families Are Under Attack

Are you interested in the truth?  Please watch this 37 minute deep dive on eschool attacks, double standards and incompetency from the Ohio Department of Education - as well as the reckless misinformation spread by The Columbus Dispatch, The Cleveland Plain Dealer and much more.

Please stand up and take action to protect these students and preserve their opportunity to a public education.