Yesterday afternoon, I returned to visit ECOT’s Career Fair for the 2nd consecutive year. And has been my experience with all ECOT events over the last 5 years, the school administration and staff went way above and beyond to put together another great one for the students. 

#1. ECOT Understands Accessibility & Mobility

One nice upgrade to this year’s Career Fair was the live stream. It’s great to see live stream technology becoming a staple of ECOT’s student offering outside of the live online classrooms. From the live-streamed graduation ceremonies, Statehouse tours, field trips to Washington DC and now with the Career Fair, it’s clear that ECOT is committed to pursuing every opportunity to reach and engage students at a time and location most appropriate for each of their individual circumstances.

#2. ECOT Is Serious About Workplace Readiness

One of the busier spots at this year’s Career Fair was the CTE (Career Technical Education) table. And as the parent of a CTE program participant, I totally understand why. It’s a fantastic program for students to build upon their standard high school curriculum and explore areas of additional learning opportunity. The CTE program at ECOT is a way for students to get educated and get their hands dirty in professions that offer high paying jobs to high school graduates with experience in a particular field. What I really love about CTE is… regardless of whether my child attends college directly after high school or not, she’ll need a job either way. I’m confident that her experience through CTE will help her to find a rewarding job that she actually enjoys.

#3. It’s Not About The Destination. It’s About The Journey

I attended to traditional public high school in the late 90’s and back then unless you went to a vocational school, the promoted path was pretty much the same for all students. Step #1 Graduate. Step#2 Go To College or The Military. Step #3 Figure The Rest Out Later. It’s really kind of mind-numbing to look across my network of family and friends now 20 years later to take inventory of how many of them were on the wrong path with that approach. Of course, hindsight is always 20/20. However, when I have 40 year-old friends still paying off college debts for degrees they’ve never used, it may be time to at least learn from the past so we can improve opportunity for the next generation.

Last night, I spoke with many students and families who while all very different had a couple things in common. They were not necessarily sure if college was the right choice at this point in their journey. They were eager to explore their options and discover the best path forward in pursuing their futures.

From College & Career Fairs to their CTE Program, I commend this school for putting so much effort into helping their students along on their journeys and not just pushing them towards destinations. Thank You ECOT!

ECOT is currently involved in a legal action with the Ohio Department of Education. The department is attempting to limit school choice by ripping funding away from ECOT and other eschools based on selective and retroactive enforcement of absurd attendance rules. 

We need your help. Please Take Action Now to support school choice and ECOT in Ohio.

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