Apparently Governor Kasich sent three questions to the Ohio Department of Education to get an update on how they were handling the ECOT situation.  See actual document below.  It was titled, “Responses to Questions Relative to the Ohio Department of Education Efforts to Address the Suspension of Operations of the Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow.”  I read through it and was amazed that it took 5 pages to sum up their efforts.  Granted a lot of space was taken up due to repeat information.

Below is my take away.  I added some graphics when relevant that I found on Facebook.  Feel free to read the document yourself.  If you are a student, parent, or ECOT teacher/staff member, please respond as to whether you agree with what ODE has stated and share your story.  We want the public to see the truth from those whose lives have been impacted by this injustice.


1. Please share details of the plan that the Department has in place for dealing with the suspension of operations by the ESC of Lake Erie West for ECOT.

  • The Ohio Department of Education formed a team.
  • Student files?  Yeah, everything’s good.
  • And to deflect attention from themselves, they are pointing at ECOT’s sponsor the ESC of Lake Erie West on the file issue.  (Sorry, I have to interject here - weren’t the masters in charge of this?)


2. ODE actions to facilitate a smooth transition for students, families, teachers, and schools impacted by the suspension of ECOT:

  • The ODE has no way to track these students and are letting other districts do that.


  • The ODE has a FAQs page for students and families.


  • “Part of Ohio’s education “family” includes the major state education associations.”  (WHAT?  The unions are part of the ODE “family.”  Oh, that is very telling.)


  • There is an interactive dashboard school locator tool to help families find another school.  (This was not new or something created for this situation.  It already existed.)


  • We are taking calls. 


  • “The Department is executing an aggressive social media strategy to reach families directly.”  (Does reposting the same message and responding with the same message count?)


  • There is an educator tool to find job opening. (This was not new or something created for this situation.  It already existed.)


3. Has the Department evaluated Lake Erie’s efforts or offered any assistance in the form of people, guidance or recommendations on how to help ECOT families? Has the Department offered any of its considerable information technology, operational or administrative resources to Lake Erie West?

  • Yes and “to minimize the disruption to families during this transition period, the Department has invested significant time to provide resources and information to help the ECOT families during this transition.”  (But they were not available during evening hours or on weekends.)

Did that sum it up, correctly?  In my opinion, the ODE dropped the ball and let Ohio children down.  To read more student, parent and teachers comments, check out the ODE Facebook page (every time since January 18th that they have repeated the same message) as well as the ECOT Pals Facebook page where those affected have poured out their hearts about the devastation this has caused in their lives.

This is education and the needs of children should come first!  Why isn’t that happening?

Sincerely and always in the Service of the Lord,

Laura Beth McNamara



ECOT is currently involved in a legal action with the Ohio Department of Education. The department is moving to limit school choice by ripping funding away from ECOT and other eSchools based on selective and retroactive enforcement of absurd attendance rules. ECOT is challenging the ODE in the Ohio Supreme Court.

We need your help. Please Take Action Now to support school choice and ECOT in Ohio.

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