ECOT Pals are advocates for our school and the school choice rights of all parents, students and teachers throughout Ohio. As you probably know, Ohio's Department of Education is unfairly singling out our school by attacking our limited funding with a preposterous attempt to retroactively enforce new and completely non-sensical attendance measurement rules. On the back of these unlawful actions, the anti-school choice gang has tried to push the false narrative of an ECOT "scandal" but here is an example of a REAL scandal!

Parma City School District gave out $5.6 million in raises, hired highly paid administrators, and incredibly, went and paid $10.5 million for Apple IPads! The trouble? They did not have the money, and now are $7 million in the hole. Just think if they would have let ECOT negotiate for them on the IPads!

The Board President resigned and said that this was all preventable and the money was basically blown to no advantage to the students. Unfortunately, Parma families and educators are left to deal with the consequences and it's tragic.

From Cleveland.Com -  Parma City Schools are predicted to be $7 million in the red this school year -- and that's assuming voters renew a property tax in November. The school board plans to ax arts and science programs, lay off staff and consolidate the three high schools to balance the budget.

One sigh of relief -It's a good thing that Parma residents still have access to school choice and options like ECOT (The Electronic Classroom of Tomorrow). All this noise begs a fair question. If the ODE, elected officials like Senator Joe Schiavoni and the rest of the anti-school-choice bully gang are looking to curb a waste of taxpayer dollars, when will they stop their reckless crusade against charter schools and refocus their priorities on protecting all Ohio taxpayers, teachers and students from the widespread damage caused by real fraud and abuse?