ECOT Success Stories From Real Parents, Teachers & Students

"I graduated from ECOT with honors. Now I'm in college, in their honor society. ECOT helped my little brother graduate with excellent grades. In public school, he was failing every class! The teachers at ECOT took the time to call our home, speak with both him and my parents and they actually worked with him! ECOT is an amazing school!"

"My daughter was being bullied about her weight and race at school...changing to ECOT changed her focus from the drama back to academics. She's made new friends and is functioning like a teenager should!"

"With ECOT, there’s so much one-on- one with the teachers. They have additional help sessions you can attend, where it’s just you and the teacher or maybe a few other students. You can call the teachers to ask for help, and they help you as much as you need. There was so much help available to me."

"My young daughter was being bullied at school-spit on, chased, screamed at-and the teachers did nothing for this incidence or many others that occurred. I also had some other serious issues with the school, like witnessing the secretary degrade children, and the reading program was horrible. It held my advanced reader back from being able to read at her level(3 whole grade levels ahead-chapter books) because they were more focused on how many quizzes on books a kid could ace in a week than anything. Switching to ECOT at the end of last year saved my sanity and my child! It was difficult to get the hang of it at first but we stuck with it and after about a week or 2, we were able to appreciate the safety, individualized learning, and flexibility ECOT gives. My daughter plays sports and I take her to our local library, roller skating, and other places nearby that schedule regular events for homeschooled kids during the day. It's definitely work but it works... if you do the work. I truly believe it is the Electronic Classroom of"

"Having my children attend ECOT was the best decision I ever made. My children hated school and felt that they weren't getting a real education. They now LOVE school and are doing wonderful in their classes! I had 2 graduate last year and have 2 still on that are in 2nd grade and 10th grade! ECOT ROCKS!!!!!"

"I have three kids in ECOT and one who graduated. We love ECOT and my kids don't miss the really full classrooms or all the bullies and drama of a brick and mortar school"

"Rather than sharing lockers, hallway gossip and lunch tables with other kids all of the relatively same background, socioeconomic status and all from the same subdivision, my daughter interacts with classmates and teachers from across the state... from Cincinnati to Cleveland... all backgrounds and statuses. She is undeniably one of the most grounded and humble 13 year olds you will ever meet. She has an open caring heart that easily relates to others regardless of their looks, learning ability, or where they’re from. And her view of the world is so big and so beautiful. It’s inspiring. I give ECOT a ton of credit for not only helping my daughter to be a star student but also for helping me as a parent to foster an environment where diversity is not only talked about but experienced in my child’s daily life"

"My son has ADHD and ODD. The teachers would let him sit in the hallway all day and he would come home so upset. I even had one teacher tell me that he wanted to sit out there so he could play . ECOT has given my son a chance to show how smart he really is. He is getting A's, B's and C's on his report card. Thank You ECOT for taking the time to work with him and helping him to see he can do it ."

"I am a mom who has an autistic child. I'm very satisfied with his education. He has an aid to help him that he never got in a traditional school... ECOT is such a blessing for us."

"My daughter had social anxiety and extreme shyness.Since she has been at ECOT, she had dramatically changed for the better. I will never send her to any other school."

"My son hasn't lost anything but a school system that failed him, bullies, and an overload of work with teachers too overwhelmed to help each child. He went to school every morning with stomach issues out of fear of the day. My son couldn't even concentrate from the kids causing problems in his class. Since enrolling in ECOT 3 years ago , there are no more issues . His teachers call us every other day at least . If my son has questions or needs some help, they call right away . They are quick to schedule one on one time to make sure my son understands his work . I'm more acquainted with his "virtual" teachers than I ever was his brick and mortar teachers. They give him confidence and praise. ECOT IS a great school."

"The choice to enroll our children in ECOT was for a whole list of reasons, but simply put it... was the best for our family. While virtual schooling has its pros and cons, it is the wave of the future. It's obvious with the success of ECOT that the traditional school system no longer is working for all children. My children have always been and remain at the tops of their classes. With ECOT's help, My 14 year old is holding her own as a college freshman!"

"Both my kids are far above where they were in the public school system. Ecot has done wonders for them."

My grandson, who is 8 years old and starting his first full year of ECOT this year, is receiving an education superior to the one he was on course to receive in the traditional brick and mortar public school. There are times when we may spend 3 hours working on math in one day before he comprehends the lesson. This would not be possible in a traditional public school."

"I'm a proud ECOT teacher in my 16th school year. I'm also a proud ECOT parent. My son was left in a brick and mortar school corner for 2 years because the teachers just didn't know how to teach him. Quote "he is not normal". Ummmm he just didn't want to put forth the extra effort to help him succeed. Want to know how much individualized attention 35 noncompliant 4th grades get each day? None!!! Because the teacher is busy with behavior issues and paperwork and attendance issues."

"I closely monitor my daughter's progress and grades. She puts the time in to do the work and I help when needed with homework and monitor her progress. Just like I do with my two sons who are in brick and mortar schools. Her teachers routinely check in with us by phone. She attends a live class session for each of her subjects nearly every day. Her teachers have intervention time for those students that require extra help and office hours for general help. ECOT Teachers are always accessible."

"I have 3 ECOT students presently enrolled... 2 of which qualify for college classes and these are the same students our public school wanted to put in "special classes" to receive extra funding...Our public school didn't care about my children's education. They just cared about the money."

"3 years ago, we made the choice to switch to ECOT from our local school district because our daughter who was in the third grade at the time was bullied not only by students but by her teacher as well. The school district decided to look the other way. She had become very clingy with my husband and I. By the time she half way through the second quarter at ECOT, we could once again leave her with a sitter or family member without her becoming stressed to the point that affected her asthma. She is now in the sixth grade and has been on the honor roll from the end of third grade and still is. We would not ever think of sending her anywhere else. This is the best choice for her. She is now the outgoing fun loving girl she was before."

"I have 2 sons in Ecot and this is their second year.I'm not speaking for everyone but our experience has been more positive then anything else. Nothing is perfect but Ecot has been nothing but helpful. They really care about your child's performance and offer extra classes that they would never get at a regular public school."

"Had it not been for Ecot and how they go about their teaching... I probably would not have graduated high school. Ecot offered a service to help me get past my medical disabilities at a time I really needed it. I'll always be thankful for Ecot. I got to work in a manner that worked for me and I got to graduate because of it. Ecot offers a workaround for students who needs options. I do think traditional school settings have their place, but Ecot is just that, a traditional school wrapped around in an non traditional setting. Not everyone is going to learn the same manner."

"If it weren't for Ecot, god knows what may have happened to be emotionally and mentally thanks to being bullied. Ecot gave me a safe environment to learn and make new friends. Thanks to Ecot I got the opportunity to graduate a year early."